Just a simple artist, drawin' as his hobby.
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commission status: CLOSED


Taking commissions over HERE!

commission status: CLOSED


stuff that I won't be drawing would include scat, watersports, excessive blood/fat. all other fetishes are fair game, so feel free to ask if I can do it for you!

all commissions will be paid ONLY through Paypal in USD, and actual prices of commissions will be adjusted according to the complexity of the picture. feel free to communicate to me in regards to your commission!

all commissions will be paid in full before any progress is started.

I reserve the right to refund/deny commissions for any reason.


been drawing on the side here and there for six years or so

20's/the land of freedom, burgers and heart disease/M

mainly draw cutsie ponies, but dabbles in furry and humans


You can contact me via email, Twitter or my Discord server down below there! Just remember to read the rules carefully!